A Guide about Edgewater Car Shipping Companies

Many people ship cars only a few times in their lifetime. Due to this and due to the fact that the car shipping business is fragmented with just a few large, brand-name companies, there are many myths about the industry. Here are some of the most common myths:Feel free to find more information at Edgewater Car Shipping Companies.

It’s better to Work Directly with a Carrier

You should be very careful when doing this. This is because when you work directly with a carrier you put yourself at great risk as many carriers lack a department that caters for direct customers; therefore, you won’t have someone to help you.

Carriers also have a limited number of trucks that operate on tight schedules; therefore, when their capacity is filled, they tend to offer later dates. Finding the right carrier that will cover your exact route takes a lot of time and effort on your part.

To be on the safe side it’s wise that you work with a broker. Car shipping brokers have excellent customer service; therefore, they will help you in every step of the way. They also have connections with many carriers which increases your chances of getting your car shipped at the right time.

Insurance Provides Sufficient Coverage

It’s unwise to assume this. The best way of going about it is checking with your insurance company if your car will be insured during shipping. You should also check if the shipping company has cargo insurance. To be on the safe side you shouldn’t work with a company if it doesn’t have the cargo insurance.

Car Shipping Costs Depend On Distance

There are many other factors that determine your car shipping costs. These other factors include: car size, date of shipping and accessibility to the final destination. This means that if you are planning on transporting your car to a rural area which is more difficult to access, it will cost you more even if you are transporting the car just a short distance.

It will also cost you more if you are operating on a tight schedule. This is because the car shipping company has to make additional arrangements.

Removing Hubcaps Reduces the Cost of Shipping

Hubcaps don’t affect the amount of money that you pay to the shipping company. Although, you can remove the caps, it’s not advisable to remove them and keep them in the boot of the car. This is to protect them from getting stolen or lost.

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