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Family and general dentistry also provide customers of all ages with preventive maintenance. A traditional bi-annual visit is a thorough cleaning of the teeth and testing for cavities, gingivitis, and any other disease of the tooth or gum that could cause problems. If your family’s mouths are relatively safe, the best option for you might be a family dentist.Find additional information at West Valley City Family Dentistry.

You can visit the dental clinic twice in an average year to get your teeth properly cleaned, removing the plaque accumulation that is not always preventable during your daily brushing routine. First, using a pointed comb, the hygienist can scrape any plaque from the surface of your teeth, then clean the front and back of each tooth with a small rotating brush that is intended to extract any residual plaque and polish your teeth. You can also get fluoride medication often which helps to protect your teeth and avoid cavities. A comprehensive search for cavities and other possible issues with your teeth or gums will also be included with each visit.

The x-rays that can be taken once a year are provided by certain dental insurance policies. The x-ray is an additional measure that allows your dentist to see any hidden cavities, especially those that might start to form between your teeth.

Formal preparation and experience in hospitals

An undergraduate degree, a passing grade on the Dental Admission Test (or DAT), and an additional three to five years of dental school are required for family dentistry. The additional education focuses on general subjects of dentistry and intensive clinical instruction. The prospective dentist must pass the National Board Dental Exams (or NBDE) before graduation. He is then qualified for a licence and the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine will be granted. The same education curriculum applies to all of these names.

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